Our Team

Lake Cumberland Real EstateBilly Dykes, owner, has been a full time auctioneer for little over nine years. He’s young in the auction business, but keep in mind he started right at high school. He has performed from million dollar estate auctions to just normal auctions. He takes great pride in his working and our company. But if you want an auctioneer to push it for the most money, Consider giving him a call.

He is full time in the auction business, broker, land developer and just about anything in the real estate field he has done or will do if given the opportunity. He made his mind up when he was 14 years old, he said I will be an auctioneer and now I have a chance to run. So now he has worked hard to get here, all he asked for is the trust and the chance for him to help your auctions.

He’s very good with working with surveyors and the development approach and the many many ways determining an auction method. He says no two auctions are the same, and you got to do your homework to get the sellers the most money. He is co-owner in Lake Cumberland Real Estate & Auction Inc. You may reach Billy at 270-566-2570 or e-mail bd@lakecumberland.com

Lake Cumberland Real Estate
Darrell Loy, Agent, Co-owner. It’s not much Darrell hasn’t seen in the auction business. From real estate, residential, commercial, development, he has been involved in it all. He is the co-owner of three surrounding stockyards and is the manager of them.

He brings many years of good business accomplishments that he would like a chance to share with you the seller. You may contact Darrell at 270 866-1588 or email him at dloy@lakecumberland.com.





Lake Cumberland Real EstateRonald Smith knows Russell County and Lake Cumberland like the back of his hand. With over 40 years in the real estate, call Ronald for assistance 270 866-0399 or rsmith@lakecumberland.com.








Marybeth Purvis is very familiar with all areas of Lake Cumberland and is dedicated to the needs of those she serve. She is always ready to put her expertise to work for you whether it is selling or buying. You may contact her at mpurvis@lakecumberland.com

Greg Smith has years of experience in real estate and also the mortgage brokerage business. For experience and professional service give Greg a call 270 378-1711 or email

John Meincken is your connection to a pleasant experience in finding the just right piece of real estate or completing that sale. Call the office at 270 343 7000 and ask for John.

Troy Coffey, apprentice auctioneer, our team could not believe when they heard Troy at his first auction. Talented and dedicated, Troy is headed for a very successful career in real estate. He is known in the area for his work in residential construction and his dedication as a pastor. Give him a call 585-1772 or email tcoffey@lakecumberland.com.

Wally has over 30 years of experience, so what else can we say. He worked full-time for 24 years selling tobacco throughout Kentucky and the Carolinas. He operates a large farm, raises several head of cattle, grows tobacco and tobacco plants. Wally has the experience and is willing to go to work for your real estate needs. Give him a call 270 866-1920.

Boyd Burton is a very good businessman. He is a native of Russell County, was away for a few years but has moved back after retiring from General Motors. Since then he has opened 3 businesses and obtained his real estate license. He is an excellent person for you to talk to about auctions. Call him email bburton@lakecumberand.com.

Jesse Green, Apprentice Auctioneer. Jesse has been in business and been around auctions of all types. All he wants to do is auctioneer and wants the chance to assist you with you auction needs. Give him a call or email him at office@lakecumberland.com.